Recruiters & HR Advisors LATAM is an HR firm whose core competencies include over 30 years of combined experience of Recruiting, Consulting team, supporting national and international companies.

Through our experience and leadership, we provide the best HR advisory to help our clients improve the competitive positioning of their organization, achieve their goals, obtain satisfied team coworkers that generate value added to the organization.



We strive to be a recognized HR Consultant firm within the market by its Quality and Service, with a distinguished seniority and professional behavior.




Why you should work with us?



More than 30 years of experience, our team is formed with senior HR experts who have been working in this for many years, have the experience and credentials required to do the job, and if there is anything we don’t know deeply we work with partners who will be experts and work along with the client to solve the problem.


Market intelligence

What does the client competitors do?, How can we do different things to give a better result?, these are just some of the questions we ask all the time when we do the job.


Local and Regional scope

We have national and international experience working with multicultural teams, different local policies, labor references and so on.



We adapt to the client’s needs searching for cost / benefit and quality/ efficiency balance.


Quality and Fastness

We adapt to clients schedule and timing vs. market our work is based in quality nor quantity


Dedicated Bilingual and Trilingual team

Since you start working with us you will have a Key Account manager who has skills and understanding of the client’s segment, if the operation is bigger we assign a dedicated resource. We have Spanish, English and Portuguese fluent speakers in the team.


We work with almost all the up to date tools in social media, talent search an job search navigators, and web searchers, we also use all the technology we have in hand to make our operation easier and provide the service locally and within the LATAM region.

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